Victoria, BC: Best Beaches

Victoria, BC: Best Beaches

Countless coves, swimming holes and beach spots for dates, family time, and quiet reading truly make Victoria an excellent city full of ocean fun. We've pick out some of the best beaches and quality sun spots in Victoria!

All these beaches are about a 5-15m drive from downtown Victoria :)


Arbutus Cove: Located a pleasant 5 minute walk east of the University of Victoria, Arbutus Cove is a tugged away cove down from a residential cliff line. It's perfect for quieter audiences as a little oasis down from the elevated rock. With its calm and shallow pool, it's great for swimming and provides a warm shallow wading stop in the afternoon sun. The atmosphere at Arbutus Cove is truly one of its own and it's a great spot to refresh and take in some fresh air. I love it here for the early afternoon shallow wading sun.

Dallas Road Coves: If you're in the mood for something close to hiking, the path along the coast line parallel to Dallas road is a fun couple kilometers with a dozen small coves with tucked away privacy up against the rocky forest wall. Lots of fun swimming holes and some fun spots for evening sunsets. The Dallas road offers an off leash dog walk, washrooms, and the occasional pop-up merchant, (as well as a popular path for cycling and rollerblading). Visitors can admire the beauty of the olympic mountains from the top of the cliffs with a 5km flat walking path parallel to the water. A must visit for locals and visitors.

Willow's Beach: This is a great spot for sandy sunny afternoons. With a beautiful view of mountain baker, this beach is a favourite for families with small children and swimming lovers. You'll also find washrooms and a popup icecream and snack shop next to a playground and picnic benches. Keep in mind that this beach is not dog-friendly, so it's best to leave your furry friends at home during the day.This sandy beach offers a tranquil atmosphere and stunning views of the Salish Sea. With gentle waves and shallow waters, it's an ideal spot for swimming, especially for families with young children. Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline, build sandcastles, or simply relax under the shade of a beach umbrella.

Willows Beach is also equipped with picnic tables, a children's play area, and nearby amenities like cafes and restaurants, making it a convenient and enjoyable beach to spend the day.

Esquimalt Lagoon: Situated just west of Victoria, Esquimalt Lagoon is a beautiful beach that combines coastal scenery with abundant wildlife. The lagoon is a designated bird sanctuary, attracting a variety of bird species, including herons, eagles, and migratory birds. Take a leisurely walk along the sandy shores and enjoy the sight of flocks of birds gracefully gliding above the water. During low tide, explore the tidal pools to discover fascinating marine life, such as crabs, starfish, and sea anemones. The beach also features a scenic boardwalk where you can admire the panoramic views of the lagoon and the Olympic Mountains in the distance. Esquimalt Lagoon is an excellent choice for nature enthusiasts and photographers seeking a serene coastal experience.

Cadboro Bay: Being a favorite among Victoria local families and university friends, Cadboro Bay is a dog and family-friendly beach known for its stunning sunsets. This beach attracts university students and is a great spot for beer and picnic enthusiasts. Cadboro Bay offers clean public washrooms, and you can find a cafe and liquor store just a short walk away.
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