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CampCook Grill Plate

CampCook Grill Plate

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A surface designed for perfect outdoor cooked meals.

Cook the perfect meal outside and enjoy easy cleaning. Packing it away easily and sleekly, this pan maintains food's original flavour and reduces scratches on durable surface. Evenly conducts heat, saving energy and reducing smoke for a better cooking experience.

Non-stick - A world-leading non-staining technology.

Easy to Clean - Indicating that the product is simple to clean after use.

Does Not Rust - The material used does not rust easily.

Energy Saving - Indicates that the product is designed to save energy.

Durable and Wear-Resistant - Signifying the product is long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.

Even Heat Distribution - Ensures an tasty cooked meal.


Area: 22.6cm x 19.6cm x 0.9cm (9" x 7.85" x 0.35")

Weight: 500g (1.1 lb)

Material: Cast Aluminum, Stainless Steel

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