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LumiFlex Camp Light

LumiFlex Camp Light

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It’s the warm light feel that adds a touch of comfort to your night.

All-in-One Camp Light: Angle it in any functional way you need so you're never left in the dark, whether you're camping, hiking, or facing an emergency.

Core Features:

- Adaptive Brightness & Color Tone: Dimming from 30 to 720 lumens and a color temperature range of 1800-7000K. 

- Power Bank Functionality: Equipped with a robust 10000mAh battery, it not only lights up your space but also recharges your devices.

Get yours today and explore the great outdoors with confidence (and light)!


Model: LumiFlex
Material: Durable ABS
Battery: 10000mAh, rechargeable
Brightness: 30-720 lumens
Color Temperature: 1800-7000K
Weight: 388g
Dimensions: 65 x 65 x 182 mm

Lighten up your campsite with warm comfort. It's your reliable light and power bank for every adventure.

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