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TrekPro Carbon Hiking Poles

TrekPro Carbon Hiking Poles

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Feel the lightweight strength of Carbon Fiber by NatureHike. The Pole Kit for Everyday Mountain and Trail Activity.

These poles offer support and stability on the trail. They are built from two members of high-strength Carbon Fiber tubes with quick clip adjustments. Weighing only 193g each, these hiking poles combine hiking control with ultra-easy usability.

Cork handles give a natural, ergonomic grip that conforms to your hand, ensuring comfort during long trips.

With an adjustable length of 62cm to 135cm, these poles will fit any hiker, with lightweight ease.

The two-joint design offers compactness and convenience, making them easy to set up, or pack away.

Key Specifications:

  • Weight: A Light 193g Per Pole
  • Length: 62cm packing size - Adjustable to 135cm
  • Material: Carbon Fiber Shaft
  • Handle: Cork and EVA Padded Grip.
  • Tip: Carbon Tungsten Steel
  • Design: Naturehike Outdoors

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